Project space Swallow is focused on managing, producing and exhibiting original curatorial and artistic projects, and will also develop arts-based educational programmes and introduce young Lithuanian and Baltic art abroad.



During Anastasia Sosunova’s exhibition Diluvial Valleys that is on view 16 April – 22 May, 2021, we invite to visit Swallow during:

Wed-Fri, 1-7 pm

Sat, 1-5 pm

By appointment: / +37061347187

At one time we can accomodate no more than 2 visitors (unless you are a bigger group of family members) with face coverings


Vitebsko st. 23, 11350 Vilnius, Lithuania


Edgaras Gerasimovičius
      +370 6 75 89313
      edgaras [at]

Audrius Pocius
      +370 6 82 65010
      audrius [at]

Vaida Stepanovaitė
      +44 7778 502537
      +370 6 13 47187
      vaida [at]

General inquiries:
      +370 6 75 89313
      info [at]





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